The North Dakota Barley Council provides the following educational programs:

How farmers select crop enterprises.

  • This program reviews the decision making components growers utilize in determining how many acres of each crop they will plant (e. g. acres of wheat, acres of barley, acres of corn, acres of soybean, etc.).  The presentation is largely for procurement professionals.

An Overview of Barley Production Practices

  • This program reviews barley production practices (planting, fertilization, weed control, disease management, harvesting, and storage).  It can be adapted to growers as well as buyers (procurement teams) interested in basic production practices.

Contracting Barley as a Specialty Crop

  • This program reviews the components of contracting specialty crop production (e. g. identification of parties, quantity, pricing, storage, specifications, etc.).

Trends in Barley Production

  • This program reviews the history of barley production in North Dakota as well as the United States, discusses the shift away from barley to other crops, and outlines strategies for procurement of barley.

Please contact the North Dakota Barley Council for additional information.